Winter 2022 issue
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Get Vaccinated to Protect Yourself This Winter

If you have been invited to have a flu jab or seasonal COVID booster vaccine, make an appointment at your GP surgery, your local pharmacist or attend one of the national vaccination centres. Hospital admissions due to COVID and Flu have increased.

Don’t take the risk of not being well enough to see people over the festive season or risk becoming ill and giving the bug as a gift.

Warm Havens

With the worrying cost of heating and fuel, local councils have set up ‘Warm Havens’ to provide a warm space in community centres, libraries, even museums and other settings for anyone who wants to drop by for a few hours without questions or feeling judged. It means that you don’t have to keep the heat on in your home all day. Check your local council’s website for information about your nearest Warm Haven. You will also find information there about how the Council can help you with a Haven grant.


After two years of wearing masks, our immunity to infection is low and we are more susceptible to a range of winter illness. So stock up your medicine cabinets with over-the-counter medicines to be able to treat symptoms early. By practicing self-care, we will stop illnesses becoming worse and play our part in reducing the pressure on acute hospitals services this winter.

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