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School Children Say 'Thank You' to Mental Health Staff

As part of Children's Mental Health Awareness Week activities, pupils at Christ Church Primary School in Brick Lane, Tower Hamlets, wanted to say thank you to CAMHS staff.

Alan Strachan, People Participation lead for East London's Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services, was presented with a bundle of 'thank you' cards when he visited Christ Church Primary School on Friday 10 February. The children had made the cards as part of a series of activities to mark Children's Mental Health Week which runs from 6-12 February to thank staff for their hard work and for helping with people's mental health. 

It was the idea of Deputy Head Lucy Romaine who contacted the Trust. She said,

"As well as making the cards, the children did lots of activities that focused on their wellbeing and explored activities that make us feel happier. We visited Hackney City farm to spend time with the animals, they did some gardening and artwork, and we talked about how to know when someone is sad and what we can do to support them. It's certainly got us talking about mental health wellbeing."

Alan was delighted to receive the cards and will be passing them on to the Child and Adolescent Mental Health team at their next team meeting.

He said 

"I know my colleagues will appreciate the thought that went into the cards. It was really touching to meet some of the children and hear about their week of activities. It is so positive that issues of wellbeing and mental health are being talked about at a young age. The discussion will help them to notice changes in themselves or others and think about things that can help. Like listening, talking about it or doing something which lifts the mood or makes it feel a bit better. These are skills for life."

Children’s Mental Health Week

Place2Be launched the first-ever Children’s Mental Health Week in 2015 to shine a spotlight on the importance of children and young people’s mental health. This year's theme was 'Let's Connect.'  The pupils of Christ Church School certainly did that!

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