Autumn 2021 issue
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Asking For A Friend

I have been invited to have my COVID jab AND my flu jab. I really want to have these. Is it safe to have them both at the same time?

Yes. It is safe to have these both together. The only thing is you might have a sore arm or arms after. These are not ‘live’ vaccines so there is no risk catching COVID or Influenza from the jab – but they mimic the two viruses and prompt a reaction in your body. This means that if/when the real virus comes along, your immune system recognises the threat and springs into action to defend you. Our immune system is doing this all the time with other organisms without us even knowing. You might feel under the weather after the vaccines as your body responds so take 1g of paracetamol to dampen down these symptoms. Just remember, these short-term symptoms are nothing in comparison to how ill you would feel if you contracted flu or COVID.

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