Spring 2021 issue
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COVID Update - Lifting of Restrictions

The lifting of restrictions and reduction incoronavirus rates in the UK is encouraging. However, parts of Europe are not faring so well, and reports from India, Brazil and other countries are concerning. The news reports are distressing for many who have family and friends in the affected areas. We are starting to see cases of new variants appear in parts of the UK. (Services based at Mile End Hospital were involved in the surge testing programme in Tower Hamlets.) And with travel options opening up, there is likely to be an increase in cases of coronavirus variants.

The advice remains the same for trying to keep transmission of infection low:

  • Stay at home if you have loss of taste/small, a high temperature and a new continuous cough over the last 24 hours. Find where your local testing centre is and book a test.
  • Wash or sanitise your hands throughout the day – especially after travelling on public transport, handrails, door knobs/handles and using lift buttons, cash machine or card reader buttons used by others
  • Wear a mask when on public transport, in shops, in pubs and restaurant until you are seated and in any areas where you are standing or sitting close to others.
  • Keep your distance from others not in your usual social space. Think about whether hugging is vital or if a friendly fun elbow touch would work just as well.

Proceed with caution. We’re not out of the woods yet and the pandemic continues to be a serious threat to many nations. We’re not safe till we’re all safe!

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