Winter 2020 issue
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PPE Buddy Approach

A new PPE Buddy system has been introduced at ELFT to ensure staff are wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) correctly and appropriately throughout their shift. At the start of every shift, staff agree who the buddy pairs are going to be. Then throughout the shift, check in on each other to make sure masks are in place and changed every couple of hours. They can double check that gloves and aprons are changed at intervals throughout the shift. They can also make sure their buddy has had a break and has had a drink to keep them hydrated during a busy shift. They can together ensure that they wipe down surfaces before/after use – phone handsets, computer keyboards, desks, etc.

The PPE Buddy system is the brainchild of Director of Nursing, Andy Cruickshank. He said,

“The general principle of the PPE Buddy approach is to promote the noticing of good PPE practice and to address lapses that can contribute to the spread of infection. Staff can get absorbed in what they are doing and using PPE correctly is vital protection. This peer-to-peer arrangement could save lives.”

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