Summer 2021 issue
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Thank You Card and Commemorative Badge for Staff

The Trust has sent a Thank You card to all staff along with a keepsake badge to commemorate their contribution to the pandemic. The card, signed by the CEO, Chair and Lead Governor, reiterates our heartfelt thanks to staff and acknowledges the profound impact of the pandemic on their lives, personally and professionally. The card was designed by a CAMHS service user from Bedfordshire.

The wording inside the card reads:

The last 15 months have presented an enormous challenge to health and social care services.

It is hard to put into words the immense pride we feel for our staff. You have done all that we have asked of you and much more. 

You have adapted, been flexible, change roles, changed what you wear, changed your routines, and pushed your own fears down to be able to function at work. 

We know of countless stories of staff going the extra mile.

Whatever your role, you have given your all to ensure that the vulnerable people we care for have been supported.

But best of all, you have looked after each other as carefully as you have looked after others. 

We will continue to find ways to express our thanks to you. Please find enclosed a thank you badge which is an emblem of your contribution during the pandemic.

You have been part of history. This episode is a part of our careers that none of us will never forget.

We are changed. We have learned. We have grown. Thank you

Staff appreciated receiving the keepsake with one saying:

I just want to say the thank you card and badge were such a pleasant and kind gesture. I will certainly wear my badge with pride!

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