Summer 2020 issue
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Podiatry Services Step Up During COVID-19 Pandemic

STAFF across the whole organisation found themselves stepping out of their roles, moving to new jobs and doing whatever was needed during the COVID-19 pandemic. None more so than the Trust’s Foothealth specialists.

Emma Stoneman, Podiatry Locality Lead for Bedfordshire and Luton says, “During the pandemic, ELFT Podiatrists and Podiatry assistants have been vital in reducing pressure in other parts of the health care system and freeing up capacity to respond to the crisis. By prioritising care and treatment to those at high risk of developing foot infections and ulcerated patients, Podiatrists have contributed to the prevention of unnecessary hospital admission and amputations.

They have achieved this through a range of interventions such as carrying out non-medical prescribing (responsive and timely management of foot infections) vascular assessment (to identify and fast track lower limb critical ischaemia) wound management and wound assessment, and virtual and telephone triage and assessment of high risk patients to prevent deterioration in foot health”

Some staff took up roles on inpatient therapy units or supporting discharge home from acute care. Some work in Orthopaedic outpatients departments supporting patients with minor injuries and post-surgical dressings and some podiatric surgeons have supported surgical teams by providing operating theatres.

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