Spring 2021 issue
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ECG Monitoring for Mental Health Service Users

A QI project using AliveCor is enabling staff to monitor services users better. The device, the size of a large matchbox, records a six lead ECG using the patient’s two fingers and ankle or knee. The record is downloaded to their RiO patient record system via a mobile phone app and allows QTc measurement. We are trialling it in adult mental health, a PICU and forensics. Feedback so far is that it allows ECGs to be done on patients who wouldn’t be able to tolerate normal ECG recording.

2 comments on “ECG Monitoring for Mental Health Service Users”

  1. This looks super interesting, working in an older peoples team we would be really keen to replicate this if it proves to be accurate and useful.
    Could we maybe talk about this and find out the results?

  2. Dear Helen, when you think what used to be involved in carrying out an ECG, with all the leads and the palaver, this is quite incredible. It would be a boon in older people's care. It is currently just being trialled in the places mentioned. But anything that benefits the physical health of our patients will be adopted. Watch this space!

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