Spring 2022 issue
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Your Letter is in the Post!

We’ve come a long way in the way we communicate with patients and service users. Once upon a time, after you saw a health professional, they would dictate a letter to a secretary. The secretary would transcribe their shorthand ‘hieroglyphics’ and type a letter to the individual. Later, through technological advances, health professionals could use a Dictaphone to record the words they wanted included in a letter. The secretary would then type the letter by listening through earphones.

Fast-forward another few years and computer dictation arrived on the scene.

Winscribe is a digital dictation workflow solution which allows the clinician to quickly and seamlessly record any dictation. This prevents the possibility of delayed or lost dictations all while improving efficiency.

Dragon Medical One is a software that goes even further as it can dictate three times quicker than an average person can type and is 97-99 % accurate. It has an extensive vocabulary list and has accent detection.

Elliot Winstone, ELFT’s Digital Transformation Project Manager,

Using this technology means that the record of the consultation appointment is accurate, it’s timely as it can be recorded straightaway, and it means staff spend less time on administrative tasks and more time with the patient/service user.”

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